You may have finished that novel or presentation, but is it ready for the audience?

I can help. 

When you’re too close to your work, you can miss obvious things like repeated words, too much passive voice, or run-on sentences.

That’s where an editor comes in.  Your novel, your presentation, your brochure needs to look it’s best. An editor provides that fresh set of eyes that gets you over that last hump.

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TS Hottle



TS Hottle has been a writer for twenty years.  As Jim Winter, he is the author of the Nick Kepler series and the forthcoming novel, Holland Bay, due out in November, 2021 from Down & Out Books.

Under TS, he has written the Compact Universe, a series of science fiction stories loosely connected and set within a human future where immortality is a medical procedure and FTL travel is changing rapidly.

The Compact Universe exposed TS to the art of developmental editing as he worked with editor extraordinaire, Stacy Robinson. As his career progressed, he began editing for a branding consultant and turned his attention to fiction editing.

He lives in Cincinnati with his wife Candy.